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Greenwood holds public meeting on bylaw regarding backyard chickens and bees

The response to the draft bylaw was mostly positive

The birds and the bees were the topic at a Greenwood City Council public meeting August 10.

The meeting was to receive public feedback on a bylaw that would allow chickens and beehives in backyards of residential areas.

Mayor Barry Noll and corporate officer Andrea Sherstobitoff both said that the response to the proposed bylaw was overwhelmingly positive.

Council sent out a survey to gather public feedback along with online responses.

Approximately 30-40 people were in attendance at the meeting, most of which supported the bylaw.

The draft bylaw, introduced at a previous council meeting, would allow 5-10 chickens and 2-3 beehives per lot, depending on lot size.

Moving forward, council will collect feedback responses for the next few weeks. Responses will be presented to council at the next council meeting on September 19. Council will then do a first reading of the bylaw.

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