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Crown lays another sex assault charge against Grand Forks man

The accused pleaded not guilty to the Crown’s first allegation late last winter
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The provincial Crown has laid another sexual assault charge against Andrew Shione, Grand Forks provincial court heard Tuesday, June 29.

Shione, 78, pleaded not guilty to the Crown’s first charge in February. The second charge, laid June 10, includes two counts of alleged sexual assault.

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The Crown had decided to proceed summarily when it first charged Shione, meaning that if convicted, he could face a maximum sentence of 18 months, according to the Criminal Code. But the Crown may change its approach in light of his new charge.

Speaking to Shione’s lawyer Tuesday afternoon, Crown prosecutor Rebecca Smyth said “the new information significantly changes (the Crown’s view of the first charge).”

“It may be that the Crown decides to proceed by indictment (in that case),” she continued.

Judge Robert Brown then adjourned both of Shione’s sexual assault charges until Grand Forks’ next circuit court date on Tuesday, July 27.

Shione has not entered pleas in either count listed on his new sexual assault charge. He has not appeared at Grand Forks provincial court in any of his sexual assault charges to date.



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