Letter: We can’t afford sculpture

Do we really need a $35,000 sculpture paid for out of school funds?

Do we really need a $35,000 sculpture paid for out of school funds?

The plan is to place it on public land in Midway. The project would see the creation of a basalt sculpted talking/story circle erected in the entwined tree park in Midway.

The place supposedly might have the potential for learning and storytelling for the communities of the Boundary; sculptures are interesting pieces of art. The questions is if we can afford this—we cannot afford opening the GFSS cafeteria and open now-closed washrooms on top floor of GFSS. These closures was for the purpose of saving money.

We have over $1 million in surplus in our school  district coffers not attached to anything. The money the government gives to public education is borrowed money, which we the taxpayers pay interest on through taxation. So here is a $1-million surplus sitting in a bank account collecting interest at the credit union.

This is the only district in the province that has a four-day week. The savings revolve around heating, cleaning the schools and operations of buses.

Just think if they managed to shut Beaverdell school how much more of a surplus they would have. If it was not for the people organizing and standing up to the board  through many presentations that school would be closed today. The school has kindergarden to Grade 3 .

Another issue is drugs. This town has a serious drug problem and you can be sure it is reaching into the schools. We need a system in place in the schools so less children turn to drugs. Now that would mean a drug and alcohol councillor and youth worker, which cost money.

Through this election and past elections, trustees state they need more funding from the government. Remember it is about the kids.

Val Rich, Grand Forks