LETTER: Thrift Shop not a dump

Consider the items that you wish to donate to the Thrift Shop. If the garments and footwear are badly worn and stained, would you buy them?


The volunteers of the Grand Forks Auxiliary to the Boundary Hospital continue to dedicate a great deal of time and energy to the Thrift Shop to provide the community with many good, quality, gently-used clothing, footwear, sportswear, bedding, fabrics, books, hardware and many items, too numerous to list.

Hundreds of hours are spent sorting through the mountain of bags and boxes that arrive in huge numbers on a daily basis.

Inasmuch as donations are gratefully accepted, there are concerns with the increasing number of donations that arrive.

We kindly ask the community to keep in mind the sort of donations that are given.

Consider the items that you wish to donate.  If the garments and footwear are badly worn and stained, would you buy them?

If the answer to this question is no, then we kindly ask that you discard these items.  If the appliances do not work, would you buy them?

Without a doubt, the answer is no.  As much energy is wasted in handling items that are not in saleable condition, the auxiliary humbly begs the co-operation and assistance of the public in ensuring that these items be discarded through street-side collection or the landfill.

Electronic equipment, computers and broken appliances can be taken to the Grand Forks Bottle Depot.

The auxiliary volunteers are, of course, firm proponents of reusing and recycling of goods – that is the thrust of the shop.

The members strive to provide good quality items at extremely reasonable prices.

With the monies earned, the auxiliary purchases many items that benefit patients in Grand Forks. In September, $25,000 was allotted toward the purchasing of a Hovermatt for the ambulance, a plasma thawer for the lab, an interferential machine for the physiotherapy department and a substantial donation toward the purchase of the Digital Mammography Machine for the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital in Trail.

The volunteers are to be commended for their dedicated work and the community is thanked for donations and continued support of the Thrift Shop.

Willy Triveri, Auxiliary President, Grand Forks