Letter: Take deer collars off now!

Those with responsibility have one month’s grace to do the right thing, writes F. Duralia.

Enough is enough! Someone has to speak up for them that cannot speak for themselves. This world was not created only for humanity but for the wildlife also. No one has the power nor authority to deny them deer their God given animal rights and freedoms. Yet there is a few with their innovated mentality to cause them undue suffering. Those poor creatures (deer) that are still lugging those ear tags and collars and that never did serve any purpose whatsoever. They shall be removed before the end of April 2016. This is the ultimatum and is downright inhuman to my moral values and principles and other people’s also.

To witness those beautiful brown-eyed deer so dejected, pathetic, pitiful and forlorn touches me where it hurts the most. Those damn collars are chafing the hair off the deer’s neck raising welts and neck sores that may be infected as they are continuously being rubbed raw and causing blood to flow feeding the blood-sucking parasites.

This also is the beginning of fly season: blow flies, mosquitos, deer flies and black flies that are sucking up their life-giving blood. The deer will be tormented into sheer madness or wish for a quick release in death from their misery. I am not about to mince words. Those collars shall be removed now! Ignorance is no defence.

Thank you Ric and Vickie Llewellyn for the compliment.

What is written is written,

Justice will be done.

– F. Duralia, Grand Forks

P.S. Those with responsibility have one month’s grace to do the right thing or this issue shall proceed to the next phase of cruelty to animals.