LETTER: Support Broadacres

I recently had the pleasure of attending the open house at Broadacres Care Facility in Grand Forks.


I recently had the pleasure of attending the open house at Broadacres.

We were shown the individual patient rooms. They are bright, spacious with large windows looking out on surrounding pastures and farms. Each room has its own in-suite bathroom, with a shower and tub especially designed for handicapped patients. This is a facility I would have no hesitation in referring my friends or family to.

Rod Gustafson is an RN (registered nurse) who worked at Boundary Hospital for many years. I would visit my elderly patients on a weekly basis; I would consult with Mr. Gustafson and his nursing colleagues and discuss any concerns I had.

I found Rod and his fellow nurses and caregivers compassionate, caring and extremely professional. They would reassure and comfort these patients when they became anxious, and were in pain – Rod and his nursing colleagues gave exemplary care.

Rod discussed with me, his plans to renovate Broadacres and convert it to a nursing home. He obtained the required permits from Interior Health and invested heavily with both time and money.

When the decision came from Interior Health that the contract for new extended care facilities was given to Golden Years, Rod was devastated. A new facility will not be ready for at least two years, meanwhile the need for extended care grows greater every week. Broadacres is ready to be up and running today.

I would urge that Interior Health support Mr. Gustafson for at least the next two years to see how he can perform.

Many would say that the decision is now a “fait accompli” – so what’s the use on trying to get Interior Health to reconsider? The citizens must realize that their voices really do count. The people’s protest and petitioning against the HST was heard and resulted in the downfall of the premier and the referendum.

We in the Boundary all have a vested interest in this matter. I would urge you to sign petitions, call your local MLA and make your voices heard, so that we do not have a repeat of families being split up and sent to different locations.

D. Vallis, MD, Greenwood