LETTER: New year equals new changes

New year an opportunity for new changes, goals and letting go of old habits


This is a new year to come. For some it means a new life and growth and for others it means change.

Sometimes it means going with the flow, letting go of old habits and accepting others the way they are.

Sometimes we fail to think and jump to conclusions.

People all have different points of view; some we like and some we don’t but still, they’re only just a point of view.

We should be proud of our country and family and friends. Let them know that. We are all together to celebrate this time of the year.

This is a time of giving, it doesn’t cost anything to give a hug, some help and a smile.

Try it, it’s catchy. We can’t do much about the past but let’s try to change the future.

When we make duty a delight and tough others with good thoughts and happy faces, it brings sunshine on the outside and inside.

Make this year a change for family, friends and foe and be a good listener.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Dody Hinton, Grand Forks