LETTER: Issues with daycare II

I am confused about a recent letter in The Gazette about daycares being shut down.


I am confused about a recent letter in The Gazette about daycares being shut down.

I think it would be wise to get accurate information before you move forward in regards to this matter. How can someone operate an unlicensed daycare without being charged?

Rules and licences are in place for a reason and I am well aware of what the licensed day cares have to go through. The children in this home are at risk whether Miss Unruh and her families think so or not.

I am sure she is good with kids but let’s logically think about this – can any of us safely watch eight to 11 babies in a non-child proof home without proper education and first aid? Shame on you families for leaving your children with her.

Why should she get away with this while the other daycares have to put money into keeping themselves licensed and running.

This is the second non-licensed daycare to be closed within this past year.

I am sure there are many more that we are not aware of. Children that she calls “family” will easily adapt to another daycare – make new friends and probably get a better learning experience from a qualified provider.

Miss Unruh states that she has been operating a business in her home for more than four years – the other daycare apparently has been operating for 20 – have these businesses been paying for business licences in town?

What about their taxes? I agree that maybe these rules are too harsh and that they don’t make adjustments according to our small towns but let’s be fair and think of the legal people who have been following the rules all these years.

C. Beck, Trail