LETTER: Gordo lies

I am so happy at the way the government is handling the HST referendum question.


I am so happy at the way the government is handling the HST question.

It has assured me that although the head of the snake has been cut off, the rest of the snake continues to wiggle in lies and deceit.  The head of the snake was forced to resign when his popularity and credibility fell below 10 per cent but Gordie was recently appointed by Stevie Harper to the position of High Commissioner to London.  I guess lying to voters rates high on one’s resume, considering the conservatives (no longer progressive) were recently convicted for contempt of parliament, in other words lying to parliament – birds of a feather do flock together.

Once again Gordie is living high on the taxpayers’ nickel, endless rounds of cocktail parties, he is a good boozer, and has a nice mansion in the good part of town.  The confusing HST question – yes means no and no means yes – was designed to confuse people and it will confuse some but not all of us.  I am tired of advertising, from large corporations telling me the HST is good for me, what they don’t say is I will pay more tax and they will pay less.  Don’t be fooled by government propaganda, you will pay more tax.

Goods and services previously exempt under the old tax system are now subject to the HST like live theatre, golf games, funerals, newspapers and the list goes on and on.

We have a unique opportunity to send a strong message to the government, “You will pay for your lies and deceit!”

Please think carefully before you vote.

David Janzen, Grand Forks