SD51 benefits from Growing Innovation grant

The Boundary school district (SD51) was selected for a joint Ministry of Environment and UBC research project and will benefit from a Growing Innovation grant.

The Boundary school district (SD51) was selected as one of the rural districts for a research project on how to boost engagement and will be benefitting from a $12,500 Growing Innovation grant.

The program includes a look at rural secondary students with special needs and will attempt to help them build on their collaboration, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

“We are very proud of the work being done here in the district and look forward to sharing the results of this project with educators across the province,” School Board Chair Teresa Rezansoff said.

The program looks to deepen understanding of the importance of including students with special needs in opportunities to develop skills and abilities necessary outside of school.

Funding for the project comes through the Growing Innovation funding program, which rural districts apply to for the funds. In total 61 grant submissions came in from 36 rural districts and 17 were chosen to partake.

Growing Innovation is a joint program between the Ministry of Environment and University of British Columbia (UBC). It is a $300,000 province-wide program that provides grants to selected districts with an aim to bring innovative ideas to life and support rural learning.

UBC graduate students will guide and document the research in the districts starting this fall. Next May, the information they gather will be shared at a symposium at UBC.