Area D has become the major growth area for the Kootenay Boundary.

Ken Johnston

Area D has become the major growth area for the Kootenay Boundary.  Only once every three years do the shareholders get to voice their ideas.

Only a few are willing to think outside the box.  One must project their visions over the next 30-plus years in order to ensure orderly growth.

Area D can become a satellite to the City of Grand Forks with the city annexing all the good tax base and leaving Area D shareholders with a diminishing tax base or incorporating into at least village or a district municipality totally independent of the City of Grand Forks. I know from past knowledge that this choice has to be made now before there will be no choice.

My immediate goal would be to lobby the proper authorities to increase Area D representation adding at least two more directors.

Within two years, I would report back to Area D shareholders the pros and cons of incorporation to vote on by referendum. Immediately, I would lobby for a permanent site in Gilpin Provincial Park for the fall fair and accessible rodeo grounds as well as a provincial camp ground.

Over the next 30 years, the area known as the Rails to Trails would be developed to accommodate a mini rail to Christina Lake and back towards Grand Forks, paved to allow electric stand up mopeds, bicycles and walking and mini rafting on the Kettle River in summer and a sleigh ride in winter. As a long-term project, I can envision the Old Dam being reconstructed.

This would include an electric generating plant/public walkway/beach area.

The revitalized area would be the future water storage area for lower Area D. Elect Ken Johnston (the one with the T) as Area D director for the RDKB.