City trades unused road for land with Roxul

Grand Forks will be closing the municipal roadway between Roxul and the old Canpar property just off of Industrial Park Way.

City Chief Administration Officer Lynne Burch says the road doesn’t serve the city anymore and so the road will be swapped with Roxul for another property near the industrial park.

“Roxul owns all of the land, so they need to own the road property as well and in return they’re going to give the city an equal piece of property,” Burch says.

The property the city will be getting is off the corner of 68th Avenue and 2nd Street.

Burch says this piece of property will be used by the city in the future to develop a right-turn lane at the intersection, although this upgrade may not happen for several years.

“But at least we’ll have the land to do it when we’re ready to go,” says Burch.

She says the city wants to be proactive with the land by getting it now.

The road that will be swapped is now fenced and was at one point used by Canpar, whose entire former property is now owned by Roxul.