Canada Post shuts down operations

Canada Post has now shut down urban operations across Canada.

Canada Post has now shut down urban operations across Canada.

According to Canada Post, the last twelve days of rotating strikes have cost almost $100 million.

On Monday morning, Gregg Anderson, vice-president for CUPW local 746, said that the post offices across Canada were only operating three days a week. Hours being cut from eight hours to four hours for full-time staff, and four hours to three hours for part-time staff.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have been doing rotating strikes for the the start of the month.

Anderson said that Canada Post claims there is an 85 per cent drop in shipment.

“While we’ve seen a drop in mail it’s not enough to warrant dropping everybody’s hours by half, it’s keeping us from doing our job,” he said.

Anderson said that they will keep hanging on and bringing people the services they deserve.

The Canadian government came to us and said, “could you end this rotating strike?” and we said yeah. We went to Canada post and said we can end the strike right now all you have to do is reinstate our old contract until the new one is negotiated.”

He said that Canada Post declined the offer.

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