THE WAY IT WAS: “World’s greatest hockey player” hails from Grand Forks in 1921

1906: F.H. Hutton was elected mayor of Grand Forks with a majority of 118 over his opponent Jeffery Hunter.

1911: Grand Forks hockey team defeated Greenwood 4-2 and 4-0 on the opening night of Greenwood’s new and up-to-date skating arena.

1916: Phoenix was without a council when only two candidates offered themselves for the six aldermanic offices.

1921: Mickey Mackay, graduate of the Grand Forks team, was reported as the world’s greatest hockey player, by a writer in the Vancouver Province.

1926: Mayor Love proposed the city take over the skating rink as a public utility and operate it with free admission.

1931: The Volunteer Fire Department of Grand Forks chose E.H. Cagnon for their new fire chief in their annual meeting at city hall.

1936: E.S. Reynolds was appointed for the position of postmaster at the Grand Forks post office.

1941: Nine Boundary mines shipped a total of 1,321 tons of ore to the Trail smelter for the month of December.

1946: John Mooyboer, one of the best know citizens of Grand Forks, was the winner of the first Gazette Good Citizenship award.

1951: A new tourist camp is planned for Grand Forks, to be built in the spring, as announced by the Board of Trade at their annual meeting.

1956: George Chahley was installed as the new Kiwanis president, succeeding Bill Strachan.

1961: The old Opera House, the centre of entertainment and culture in Grand Forks, was torn down to make way for the addition to the OK Garage Ltd.

1971: A tremendous turnout for a benefit dance for Hank and Ruby Anderson was held at the Christina Lake Community Hall. The popular couple lost everything in a fire recently, including their store and service station.

1976: In recognition of their contribution to the Board of Trade movement, two past presidents of the Grand Forks Board, Don Manly and Leo Mills, were presented with honorary life memberships in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

1981: Grand Forks City Council voted to take up to $150,000 outright from the Slag Sales Reserve Fund to complete the new city hall project and furnish the building.

1986: Larry Seminoff has been chosen by the Chamber of Commerce as the Grand Forks Citizen of the Year for 1985.

1991: Grand Forks clubs and organizations which use special occasion liquor licenses to hold events, such as beer gardens or public dances, will now have to complete the Responsible Beverage Service Program before RCMP will authorize the license.

1996: Midway fire chief Walter Osellame credits the village’s new fire hydrants with preventing the spread of a house fire which gutted a Dominion Street home.

2001: There are no suspects in a daring smash-and-grab robbery at Giant Foods last week. Two unidentified males walked up to the front of the store as staff was locking up for the night, and threw a large rock through a door window.

One man then crawled through the hole in the glass as his counterpart stood watch outside, armed with a baseball bat.

An undisclosed amount of cash was then stolen from the unlocked safe before the suspects fled in a pickup truck, which was later discovered abandoned.