THE WAY IT WAS: Pavilion at lake collapses in 1956

1906: A cold snap had kept the plumbers busy last week as more pipes were frozen than in all the rest of the winter.

1911: The regular monthly school board report stated that there were 19 students attending the high school and 290 in the public school.

1916: Dogs running at large in Phoenix without a tax tag were subject to 72 hours imprisonment and execution unless the tax and impounding fee was paid.

1921: Logging operations on the North Fork of the Kettle River were discontinued for the winter by the Forest Mills of B.C. A million feet of logs were on the riverbank ready to be floated down with the high water to the sawmill at Cascade.

1926: City tax levy was held at 33 mills, same as last year, though the land assessments were cut by 10 per cent.

1931: The Empress Theater was closed down for a week to allow for the installation of equipment for talking pictures.

1936: The first buttercup of the season was brought in by Bernadette McDonald.

1941 :A high grade strike was made on the Gold Finch claim, about a mile from Greenwood up the Phoenix Gulch, and assays show about three to five ounces of gold.

1946: The first prefabricated house was being erected for Wes Docksteader.

1951: Lillian Malloff was awarded the $50 first prize for her rendition of My Heart Is Singing at the amateur night show in Republic.

1956: The pavilion at Christina Lake collapsed under the weight of snow on its roof.

1961: The first carload of slag was shipped to the U.S. following a recent contract between the city and Allied Minerals Incorporated of Seattle.

1966: The Centennial Beacon fire was lit by Scout Master Stan Rusch. The lighting commemorated the anniversary of the formal British government which was established in B.C.

1971: Grand Forks Wolves basketball team will be defending their B.C. ‘A’ Championship this weekend.

1976: The City of Grand Forks has requested a meeting with Municipal Affairs Minister Hugh Curtis or the deputy minister in order to clarify the city’s request for government help to install sewer service in the Ruckle Addition.

1981: Miss Grand Forks candidates are: Tami Androsoff, Terry Varabioff, Pam Ludba, Bonnie Chernoff, Beth Forfar and Val Rezansoff.

1986: Grand Forks’ city council has agreed to approve seven applications for a total of eight beer gardens to be held this year.

1991: Grand Forks RCMP report that of 16 roadside screenings done at the Carson/Danville border crossing Saturday night, no people were found to be impaired and no 24-hour suspensions were issued.

1996: The first pussy willows of the year were brought into the Gazette office Monday by Zak Stoodley, Megan Stoodley and Brandon Kootnekoff.

2001: Grand Forks’ city council will chip in $3,000 for a hydrological report to be prepared by Groundwater Engineer Alan Dakin. The remaining cost for the $11,000 study is expected to be provided by the RDKB and the cities of Greenwood and Midway.

2006: CSM Consulting – a group responsible for making recommendations to the city on a new community centre – delivered its findings to council.

Amongst the locations it studied: Dick Bartlett Park, City Park, the area behind the courthouse, the Passmore lands north of the city, downtown and a number of areas near the recreation complex.

Eventually two proposals for locations were made – one for a facility in the west side of the city and one downtown in existing buildings of Boundary Mall.