THE WAY IT WAS: Courthouse gutted by fire in 1981

1906: The new council was summoned to a hasty meeting to discuss the liquor bylaw. It was a question of amending the bylaw, or face a lawsuit from hotel owners who suffered some heavy losses when the commissioners refused the renewal of licenses.

1911: The Greenwood Times stated that the returns on a shipment of three tons of ore from the Gold Ax claim to Granby smelter ran $77 to the ton.

1916: The Grand Forks Independent Company of Rifles held a farewell military concert in Phoenix.

1921: The city council expressed complete accord with the movement to provide a recreation hall for the young people of the city, and were prepared to donate the lot for its location.

1926: Police patrolled the streets at night after the ringing of the eight o’clock curfew and no children were allowed to wander after that hour.

1931: The Greenwood Gorillas trimmed the Grand Forks Indians 3-2 with 10 minutes of overtime while playing in the local senior hockey season.

1936: Grant McDonald, Wilfred McLauchlan, Alice Clark and Jean Glanville were rated the top students in their respective grades following the Christmas examinations.

1941: The first sign of spring came on Jan. 17 when Doreen Moore had the honor of bringing in the first sprig of pussy willows to the Gazette office.

1946: Well, if it isn’t pansies, buttercups or pussy willows, it’s a butterfly. It was recorded in the Gazette that a butterfly of good size, and brown in colour, was brought in by Mrs. A.F. Sinclair.

1951: Fireside Players drama group presented the play Duet For Two Hands at the high school auditorium. It was directed by Alan Clapp with Hume Ritchie, Bill Zoellner, Vera Chernoff, Beverley Mitchell and Helen Hove in the cast.

1961: The Greenwood Fire Dept. recorded a successful year with an increase in membership and new equipment. It also had a low in fire calls – 12 for the year, and 37 ambulance calls.

1971: The provincial government has approved the idea of the construction of a 14-bed addition, to serve as an extended care facility for Boundary Hospital.

1976: Clerk Vern Ciccone said it appears likely the general purpose rate will rise to 50 mills this year, as compared to 47 in 1975.

1981: The Grand Forks courthouse was almost completely gutted by fire this morning. While authorities admit that arson is a possibility they said the investigation into the cause was still in its very early stages and no evidence had been found that would indicate the blaze was deliberately set.

1986: Spring is almost here. On Monday, the first pussy willows of the year were brought to the Gazette by Sarah and Heather Bundschuh of Christina Lake. The sisters found their bouquet near Billings.

1991: Security at all three Boundary area border crossings has increased as a result of the escalation of conflict in the Persian Gulf.

1996: More than 1,000 voreniki were made and eaten to raise money for the children of Chernobyl. About 200 people enjoyed this Russian specialty, which at $6 a plate, was accompanied by pickles and fruit salad. Almost $2,000 was raised through a raffle, donations and meal tickets.

2001: Pope & Talbot announced it will be closing its mills in Grand Forks and Midway for a four-week period beginning Jan. 29 because of skyrocketing energy costs and a crumbling lumber market. The closure will affect about 300 employees.

2006: School District 51 (Boundary) announced the official opening of Big White Community School and school grounds at Big White Ski Resort.