Moving towards a breastfeeding-friendly Boundary

Glanville Family Centre participants and staff aim to build a breastfeeding friendly environment

Breastfeeding is natural and best for babies, mothers and the environment.

However, successful breastfeeding requires more than the commitment of mother and baby. Breastfeeding requires the support and encouragement of family, friends and community for success. Imagine a breastfeeding-friendly Boundary?

Glanville Family Centre participants and staff are trying to build one because although most families in the Boundary choose to breastfeed, many do not continue for as long as recommended because of lack of public acceptance.

Lisa McPhee and Jessi Bryan, peer mentors from the family centre, will be reaching out to local businesses in the next few weeks to inform them of their vital part in supporting breastfeeding mothers.

To take part in this initiative by placing a sticker in their window to show that they are a breastfeeding-friendly establishment.

The Boundary is not alone in this initiative.

Businesses across the country have begun initiatives to protect, promote and support breastfeeding practices and improve rates of breastfeeding.

Businesses will be asked to show their support and promote awareness amongst customers and staff that breastfeeding needs to be natural or “anytime, anywhere” to meet the needs and rights of mothers and children across Canada.

For more information contact Cynthia or Kristy, Baby’s Best Chance, at 250-442-5355 ext. 123 or Linda, Heather or Julie, Interior Health, Public Health Nurses, at 250-443-3150 in Grand Forks and Julie in Midway at 250-449-2887.