The ladies of Les Folles Jambettes strut their frills at an impromptu performance at Gyro Park on Aug. 11. Photo: Laurie Tritschler

Dancers put ‘Crazy Legs’ over Grand Forks

The city’s Can-Can troupe hasn’t performed like this since the pandemic hit

Concert goers took in a surprise dance performance at Gyro Park last week.

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Ushered in by Music in the Park co-ordinator Nathan Vogel at around 8:15 p.m., seven Can-Can dancers took their places on the brick patio, set up their music and kicked their flash mob into high gear.

For nearly 10 fun-filled minutes, people who’d come to watch The Time Hurley Trio play the venue enjoyed the ladies’ flashy moves.

The dancers represented Grand Forks’ very own Can-Can troupe, Les Folles Jambettes (Jambettes) — French for “the crazy-legged girls.”

Lead choreographer Melanie Shenstone said the Jambettes used a civic arts grant to pay for Wednesday’s flash mob. Promising two more flash mobs before year’s end, Shenstone said the troupe is currently working on their upcoming performance at the Rock Creek Fall Fair. The dancers are meanwhile putting part of their grant towards new costumes.

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“The skirts we have now are beautiful — certainly well-loved, but most of them are 15 years old,” she told The Gazette.

It takes an incredible amount of material and, more especially, time on the sewing machine to produce even one skirt, she explained.

“Once we’ve finished making six skirts, we’re looking at an estimated cost of $2,000,” she continued, adding that the Jambettes are supplementing their grant money by raising donations.

The Jambettes take the stage at the Rock Creek Fall Fair on Saturday, Sept. 18. Troupe performers live in Grand Forks, Christina Lake, Rock Creek and Castlegar, Shenstone said.



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