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VIDEO: Cliff jump at Cultus Lake captured in lost GoPro footage

Footage from 2012 jump remained on camera retrieved this week by Aquatic Monkey

A GoPro pulled from the depths of Cultus Lake captured the moment its owner jumped off the cliff.

Footage of the jump into the lake in 2012 remained on the camera, and the GoPro was retrieved this week from a depth of about 100 feet by Aquatic Monkey, a.k.a. Clay Helkenberg of Chilliwack.

Helkenberg posted about his lake find on Aug. 21 in an effort to get it back to the long-lost owner.

GoPro owner Terry Brookes of Vancouver chimed in on the post, recounting how the camera fell off when he hit the water.

Just before he jumped off the cliff, Brookes can be heard on the video yelling: “Life or death situation! Going in!”

The footage shows the GoPro sinking into the lake’s green depths until it comes to rest on a rock.

Brookes posted that he never thought he’d see his GoPro camera again:

“I came up but it didn’t.”

Another clip shows the underwater drone removing the GoPro from the lake bottom.

Helkenberg said he borrowed the underwater drone from Deeptrekker, and controlled it from his boat, driving it to the bottom to search for lost items. The only reason he found the GoPro was because of the drone’s ability to descend into deep areas that would normally require scuba-diving equipment.

Helkenberg has a Youtube channel where he records his underwater finds and travels. Anyone who has lost something underwater can email him at

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