Sno-pitch again an attraction at Winterfest

While slo-pitch baseball is a sport that is played during the warmer months of the year, people will “play ball” this weekend.

Winterfest will go at Christina Lake between Friday, Feb. 4 and Sunday, Feb. 6 and part of the festivities involves a winterized version of slo-pitch known as sno-pitch.

“It’s slo-pitch played in the snow,” explains Jennifer Horahan, sno-pitch organizer and former player.

“It’s played in the snow, it’s played with a softer ball that doesn’t travel as far as a slo-pitch ball and it’s mostly for fun because the snow levels it out for everybody.”

Since it is played in the snow and it can get slick, there can be some bloopers that take place during sno-pitch, such as when someone is tracking down a fly ball.

“They land in the snow with a face full of snow, that does happen,” Horahan says with a laugh.

Paul Newsom used to organize the sno-pitch event but passed away last spring and Horahan says that in his honour, the Paul Newsom Memorial trophy will be awarded to the most sportsmanlike team at this year’s tournament.

She says that people playing will get to take part in an outdoor activity but also says there is more than just sno-pitch at Winterfest.

“There’s a concession, there’s other games – adult games, kids games – they can partake in,” Horahan said.