REC REPORT: Keep kids active, sign them up for triathlon training

Grand Forks Recreation has partnered with Sogo Active to offer a unique frogram to help keep kids active and prep them for a triathlon.

Obesity is a growing problem for children here in Canada as well as other countries.  Two factors contribute to the problem of obesity, over-eating and inactivity.

Children often eat the wrong types of food contributing to the obesity problem.

A parent who eats healthy and exercises is more likely to pass the habits onto their children.

A child’s health can improve in many ways by simply playing and having an hour a day of physical activity.

How much activity do children need? Children should participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity, including activity that makes them “huff and puff,” each day.

To help children achieve this, they need opportunities to be active at school, after school and on weekends.

This activity doesn’t all have to be done at once.

It can be built up throughout the day by walking or riding their bikes to and from school, participating in more activities at school, active play at home or organized sports after school and on weekends.

As well as being active, it is important to remember to limit the amount of time that children spend watching “small screens,” such as televisions, playing on the Internet or computer games to a maximum of two hours a day.

“What can I do to help my children become more active?”

Be an active role model and have a positive attitude to being active. If your children see you enjoying physical activity and having fun, it can encourage them to participate.

Encourage active play in the backyard, going for a walk, dancing to music, riding a bike or more vigorous activities like running, swimming or playing sports.

Make time to be active as a family and enjoy the local park, go bike riding or walk the dog together.

Grand Forks Recreation (GFREC) has partnered with Sogo Active to offer a unique program to help get kids active and prepare them for a triathlon.

Just “Tri” It Kids triathlon training provides kids with the confidence, technique, endurance and strength to complete a triathlon and to gain the experience to someday participate in a triathlon.

The program is made up of two swim sessions, two bike sessions and one run session with the final session consisting of all three disciplines. Start date for Just “Tri” It Kids triathlon training is Monday, May 28 with registration deadline Friday, May 18.

For more information on Just “Tri” It Kids triathlon training, give us a call at 250-442-2202 or email us at

You can also visit our website at to view the April flyer.