Grand Forks ATV Club working on map, holding Seniors Play Day Oct. 20

Grand Forks ATV Club working on map and holding a Senior's Play Day Oct. 20.

The Grand Forks All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Club or GFATV Club, has been working hard this summer to compile a map of trails in the Boundary area.

So far the club has mapped over 100 trails, totaling 1224 kilometres of trails.

With funding from New Horizons for Seniors, the club’s goal is to compile a map book for distribution early next year. Once complete the maps will provide seniors and near seniors with detailed maps to help them “Get Up, Get Out, Join In, and Ride Safe.”

There are so many wonderful places in the area to ride, view wildlife, learn about the areas ripe history, and explore.

Even when your body cannot get you to the hills by itself, these areas are still in reach with some help from an ATV.

The GFATV Club is hosting a Senior’s Play Day on Saturday, Oct. 20. A certified ATV BC Instructor will offer a modified safety course on proper handling of an ATV. The course will provide knowledge on how to ride safe and what can possibly go wrong. You must attend the safety course if you plan to go on a club offered ATV ride.

During the Seniors Play Day, the mapping project and areas completed to date will be updated and displayed.  As well, a look at the exciting projects the GFATV Club is working on will be highlighted.  Free tasty snacks will be provided as well as coffee and other beverages.

Join in for a fun day and everyone is welcome! Watch for ads and posters for location and times or log onto the GFATV website for more information. Call 250-442-3359 for more information.