Cycling club hosts Century Ride, preps for winter

he Grand Forks Cycling Club (GFCC) hosted 23 riders on Sept. 17 for its annual Century Ride.

The Grand Forks Cycling Club (GFCC) hosted 23 riders on Sept. 17 for its annual Century Ride.

The 116-km route started at the USCC hall, coursed down Carson Road, joined the highway, meandered up to the 41-km mark on the Granby and finished at the top of Hardy Mountain.

Eleven riders from outside the area loved the ride and our scenic byways.

Brian Marsh from Castlegar recorded the fastest time and he is a member of the GFCC.

The following results are noteworthy as the pace is over 40km/hour:

Congratulations to all the riders – all riders are winners.

Brian Marsh 3:16:47 Terry Drew 3:17:42 Andrew McKinlay 3:17:53 Mike Slatnik 3:17:59 Dave Leffelaar 3:18:13 Pete King 3:18:29 Tom Gomez 3:18:32 Rick Smith 3:18:51 Joe Donoghue 3:19:59 Andy McDonald 3:22:15 Frank Fodor 3:23:09 Doug Hicks 3:23:10 Bruce Stevens 3:40:47 Lisa Jaffary 3:40:47

Heather Shilton, Peter Shilton and Murray Behl also attained the summit at Hardy but their times were not recorded. The club thanks all the vehicle drivers who slowed down and drove around on the straight stretches of roads, not on the curves. We apologize to all vehicle drivers, especially to drivers of big trucks for any inconvenience caused by our riders.

We are trying to ride single file most of the time and realize we have to improve our sharing of the road.

Please be patient as we learn.

The GFCC will soon be starting their winter training sessions and new members are welcome to ride stationary bikes with us in the basement of the medical clinic.

An introductory session is planned for Sunday, Oct. 2 at 10 a.m. for perspective members, who can join and become acquainted with equipment, videos and schedules.

If you have thought of getting started in cycling and obtaining superb fitness, this is the time to start.

There are no worries about getting behind, as we are on stationary, state-of-the-art trainers.

Come on out; what’s an hour of your time to get started?

– Submitted by Bob MacLean