Cycle club invites all to first ride

This Saturday, the Grand Forks Cycle Club is having the first ride of the year. The club is inviting anybody with a bicycle to join in.

Nipper Kettle, a member of the club, says the ride is a “meet-and-greet” and will be a leisurely ride along the Carson loop to start the cycling season.

It will also allow the community to get involved in cycling, so even beginners can join and ride at their own pace.

It will be an opportunity for those interested in getting into cycling to learn the rules of the road and how to engage with traffic in a safe manner.

“No one gets left behind,” Kettle says.

Kettle says membership to the club is not required to participate, though can be obtained for $10 if desired.

Kettle says cycling has a lot of health benefits and has helped him a lot over the years.

The ride begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday at the Station Pub and will conclude with a nacho lunch at the pub paid for by the club.

Kettle welcomes the whole community to join in for the ride and to bring along a friend.