Boundary Youth Soccer Association hosting tourney; Soccer Quest coming

Boundary Youth Soccer Association players can take part in a tournament on Saturday and can sign up for a soccer camp in July.

Mike Menzies and his Boundary Youth Soccer Association team

Mike Menzies and his Boundary Youth Soccer Association team

The Boundary Youth Soccer Association will be wrapping for the summer with a spring tourney on the weekend in Midway.

The tournament will see over 300 youth playing soccer matches throughout the day on Saturday, June 23.

Jeff Olsen, president of the Boundary Youth Soccer Association, said, “The last league game (was) on (June 17), but the spring tournament in Midway will be exciting.”

Along with regular soccer practices and matches, this season introduced a new program called Kicks for Kids for two and three-year-olds.

“That program is going very well and we have a pretty good following with more people coming,” said Olsen. “We’re going to run that through in the fall as well for the kids.”

The object of Kicks for Kids is to give young children a chance to play some soccer and soccer-like games on the field with the right equipment and a coach.

The drop-in program is free.

According to the association’s website, “It is an introduction to the game that will hopefully foster a life-long love for soccer and being involved in sports.”

Olsen noted that the soccer season is on hiatus during the summer months because everybody is busy.

However, youth will be able to attend a one-week soccer camp with Soccer Quest from July 16 to 20 during the summer break.

Soccer Quest is B.C. Interior’s largest camp provider and partners with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of Major League Soccer.

The camp is for youth six to 18 years old, with the option for a full-day or half-day camp.

“It’s a pretty fair price, roughly $70 to $80, because we can offer a substantial rebate to anyone who signs up,” he added. “We worked a deal with Soccer Quest and with our sponsors and came up with some extra money.”

To register, Olsen said interested soccer players should go to

“It’s been a very successful season so far and I’m looking forward to our tournament in the fall,” concluded Olsen.

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