Some final thoughts on life in Grand Forks

Grand Forks is certainly not the big city. Appreciate all the things that make it what it is.

My time in Grand Forks is drawing to a close, as I have secured employment to the west. But before I go, I’d like to leave a memo to anyone who may move here, particularly from big cities.

Don’t compare Grand Forks to places like Vancouver, that’s a common thing for many to do but if you do that, you overlook the many great things Grand Forks, rural areas and Christina Lake have.

There aren’t clubs with VIPs and lines here but there are a number of places where you can go to enjoy a drink – places where your eardrums are not being assaulted by loud, pulsating music.

You can hear what your friends are saying and when you leave said licensed establishment, your ears aren’t ringing.

There are no Starbucks but there are places to enjoy a good cup of coffee – places where you can sit down and enjoy your java without the air of pretention from some hipster-type sitting near you.

You can casually walk around the downtown core at your own pace because there aren’t thousands of people clogging up the sidewalks, trying to blow by you.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fine borscht too, which is available at a number of places around town. I’m also hesitant to try borscht anywhere else in B.C. as it will likely be a step down in quality.

And then there are the people that have impressed me the most in my three-plus years in Grand Forks – the volunteers.

I was talking to someone from Whistler who was going on about how it has the best volunteers in the world and I didn’t want to call that person out but for the amount of people in the area and the amount of events that take place – fall fair, Grand Forks International baseball tourney, Canada Day, Santa Parade to name a few – I think Grand Forks’ volunteers have anyone beat by a country mile or Boundary Country mile as it were.

There is also a great trails system and numerous places to take a nice walk or hike and two rivers to take a leisurely tube down – don’t forget to wear a life-jacket though.

If you come to Grand Forks with that big city mindset, you’re doomed.

It ain’t the big city but there’s plenty to like about Grand Forks and surrounding area.

– Karl Yu is editor of the Grand Forks Gazette

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