Settling into Grand Forks is challenging for Grand Forks Gazette reporter

As anyone can tell you, settling into a new job in a new community (like Grand Forks) is not an easy process.

As anyone can tell you, settling into a new job in a new community is not an easy process.

I am grateful that people in Grand Forks and everyone at the Gazette has been very accommodating and patient.

The people in this community are truly of a friendly sort. But as with anything new, there have been more than a few bumps along the road for me in settling in.

Finding a place went relatively smoothly. Moving mid-month wasn’t easy, especially when I had already paid for the full month in Merritt but so be it.

Trying to get money to pay the rent in a town without my bank wasn’t so easy.

A local ATM liked my debit card so much, it decided to keep it. After several phone calls and meetings, I was told the banking institute could not return my card until I proved it was mine.

Fortunately, after answering many skill-testing questions about myself, I was able to get the card back and I got to thinking; it’s amazing how much we truly rely on debit cards these days.

If this went on I would have had no way to pay for anything. Really, who carries cash around these days?

After that was taken care of it was time to get a post office box. That required proof of residency but unfortunately, my landlord doesn’t live here and could not just drop off a letter with the tenant agreement.

After an aborted fax attempt (I don’t have a fax machine), he finally was able to scan and email it to me. That did the trick.

I then had to go to city hall to get the power switched over to my name but, of course, that requires a signature from the landlord as well.

Oh boy. Surely getting the cable and Internet hooked up won’t be that much trouble.

What? That’s a two-week wait? Apparently the technician has to come from Prince George (I assume) to my place to call in to head office to flip the switch that turns on the cable and Internet.

Meanwhile while I wait, I might as well head to the river for a float.

Anyone know the directions? Turn right at the firehall?

I don’t even know where the firehall is.

Yes, it can be daunting getting things set up as well as trying to find where everything in town is.

But that’s part of the fun and adventure of living and working in a new town. I say bring it on!

– Craig Lindsay is reporter for the Grand Forks Gazette