OUR VIEW: Shaw has to repair customer service

Shaw Cable recently made a digital network upgrade which involved switching from analog service to digital.

Shaw Cable recently made a digital network upgrade which involved switching from analog service to digital.

Spokespeople from the company say that the move will allow people faster Internet service, high-definition TV channels and even Video on Demand (VOD).

There are only about 4,036 within city limits – at least at last count – and trying to get just those people using a digital feed is an ambitious project, never mind those in the surrounding area, so people shouldn’t be surprised that their TVs weren’t working or their Internet connections were down last week (there are some reports that some still don’t have those services).

There have been more service vans by the local Shaw office than normal and one can assume that it is well aware of the problem.

This has inconvenienced people and because some really enjoy watching television and using the Internet, there probably is some vitriol.

If you consider the scope of the project, it’s understandable that there were some bugs to work out; however, an area that Shaw has seemingly been lacking in and an area they could improve in is their customer service.

There are probably many people out there who have had to call the cable company when a TV or Internet-related problem arises only to be put on hold and not just recently.

It is not unusual to be put in a phone queue, especially when it comes to customer service, but the sometimes extraordinarily long wait times can even test those with the greatest of patience.

It hasn’t been a recent phenomenon for Shaw.

The website customerservicescoreboard.com has posts dating back to March of 2009 in its Shaw section and a number of the posts are less than complimentary about the long wait times people have had to endure while calling the customer service line.

According to the site’s scoreboard, the number of negative comments greatly outnumbers the positive.

Companies should always strive to have good customer service but especially with the switch over issues that arose and the anger that may have arisen due to these issues, it would be nice for people to call in and not wait too long to speak to a representative.