OUR VIEW JAN. 30: People in Grand Forks, lock your cars

Grand Forks might be a smaller city with a lower population than say Vancouver but don't assume there aren't car thieves.

Some classify Grand Forks as a small town with the worries of bigger municipalities something that isn’t relevant.

“Let the people in the big cities worry about locking their doors and worry about crime,” some might say.

But while something like locking your front or car door might seem unnecessary in a place like Grand Forks, Greenwood or Christina Lake, it really is common sense to do so, despite what others may think.

Grand Forks RCMP are again warning of car break-ins in the area – the latest taking place in the Valmar/McCallum View Drive area, with many incidents occurring on Jan. 25.

Someone or some people are going around and coming upon unlocked cars, are breaking in and stealing items. No car seems immune.

In one recent incident, a measly amount of change was stolen.

There was also some incidents that happened back in mid-December and again, in some instances change was taken.

Police warn residents on numerous occasions – not just after the seeming waves of car break-ins – to lock their car doors and to either take valuables out of the vehicle or at least keep them out of sight.

There is a chance that no one will break into your vehicle but as proven last week and other previous times, there is a chance someone could. What do people have to lose by locking up?

Does someone get a flu shot because they want to get the flu or so they don’t get it?

Does someone purchase vehicle insurance because they know they will get into an accident or because they want to be prepared in the event there is an accident?

Speaking of car insurance, there’s another reason to lock up. To keep rates down.

Make it harder for thieves.

– Grand Forks Gazette