Nov. 14 LETTER: Questions about deal with China

The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Plan has been in the works for a while but I feel I'm entitled to some answers.

Open letter to John Baird, minister of foreign affairs

Dear John:

I never pictured you, Harper and your fellow Conservatives crawling into bed with the likes of corporatists like Jean Chretien, what was I thinking?

I understand that the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Plan has been in the works for a while but I think, as a taxpayer with questions (you are a public servant, I am public, you are servant), I am entitled to answers to a few questions:

1) Considering your government’s stance on global democracy and freedom of religion how is it you can justify this kind of sell-off trade with a country which has,

a) invaded and occupied, and continues to occupy, a sovereign nation (Tibet) b) openly and violently defied a legitimate move to democracy (Tiananmen Square); c) openly declared a Nobel Peace Prize winner (the Dalai Lama) a terrorist with an impending imprisonment/death penalty threat upon his capture?

After all, under the shroud of sanctimony, which included sanctions, such was the case with Myanmar d) carried on an active and violent campaign against the religious groups the Falun Gong and the Uighur Muslims?

2) Considering the Conservative pre-election promise of transparency how is it that despite the fact it is somehow within the parameters of our governance to let this slide without debate, you are denying that very critical pre-election oath?

3) Since China will increasingly possess our legacy of energy resource independence, a priceless commodity given at garage sale prices, are the implications such that should the Gateway Pipeline be blocked, which it will be, the taxpayers of B.C. and Canada could be held hostage to punitive damages?

Should the oil sands project be declared the environmental disaster it currently is, and shut down or held accountable, will the same punishment as mentioned in the previous question also apply?

I expect answers to these questions. If they are neglected, you’re fired, LOL, as if that could happen.

Seriously, given the nature of this deal, I believe this is nothing short of an act of treason.

Larry Hudema, Grand Forks