LETTER: Winnipegger gives kudos to Boundary Museum

I am expressing my gratitude for the help I received from the Boundary Museum to complete a very special family project.


I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of the assistance I received from the Boundary Museum and archives with a special thank you to Sue Adrain for all the help she gave me to complete a very special family project.

This is probably a unique approach to recording a family’s history, as it is not done chronologically, but is told through pictures, archival information and stories.

Central to the story are two Grand Forks families (Frank Miller, mayor of Grand Forks, and George McParlon, forest ranger for the District of Grand Forks), both my grandfathers. The story spans five generations of males and four topics: elected representatives, war heroes, firefighters and hockey players.

I was thrilled to find out about the Boundary Museum and archives through my sister Sandy, who has done a great deal of recording of family history.

Sue helped me find pictures I did not have, and information about my family that I did not know, and that added greatly to the Miller/McParlon story.

The family album I am creating will be shared with my family (children and grandchildren) on Nov. 11, when we have a life celebration for my mother, Elaine Miller (nee McParlon).

I know that we will have a greater understanding of our family history and a greater appreciation of their many contributions to their community and their country.

When the album is complete I am sending a link to Sue so it can be viewed on my website. I am also planning to send a copy of the album to the museum. It might inspire and motivate other families to create their own story.

My interest and excitement to do it for my family was greatly influenced by the information and the help I got from the museum and archives.

Maureen Hemphill, Winnipeg, Man.