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Letter to the Editor: Jet ski on river is dangerous

The river is full of tubers; a jet ski can be dangerous.

The river is full of tubers right now, hundreds of them, yet there is a man who seems to think it is appropriate to noisily roar up and down the river at full tilt on his jet ski.

This is dangerous! There are people swimming and snorkeling alongside their tubes, there are kids jumping into the water at the train bridge, there are dogs swimming in the river. A jet-skier can come up so fast that some people may not have a chance to get out of the way.

The waves created by the noisy jet ski can send tubes onto rocks and can even tip them over.

Can you not see that you are a danger to people?

I saw you go by nine times one day. It’s just a matter of time before something serious happens.

By the way, an astute young lad on the train bridge made the comment, "So this is what a mid-life crisis looks like." The kid was generous. I know you are past middle age. Get a life!

Muriel Neale, Grand Forks