Letter to the Editor: Housing society is listening

Area C Director Grace McGregor sets some facts straight regarding the senior’s housing project in Christina Lake.

Editor, The Gazette:

I would like to set some facts straight regarding the senior’s housing project in Christina Lake.

The Christina Lake Senior’s Housing Society was listening long and hard to feedback presented at both the April rezoning hearing and the public meeting held later about converting the west corner of the community nature park into senior’s housing. Concerns ranged from encroachment on wildlife habitat, to the character of the development.

As a result, the group has been meeting to completely redo their plans for affordable senior’s housing.

They will be looking at the following:

• Location and property available

• Cost of purchasing other property

• Design, life lease, rental

• What a community needs to keep their seniors

• A whole community survey on future plans for seniors

• A listing of property available in its natural state

• A facility that will be used by the whole community

Communities who have planned for their senior population and who wish to keep their seniors know that they need to be housed where amenities are easily accessed, not hidden away on remote properties. Seniors need to keep active, have easy access to meals, exercise and social interaction.

The senior’s planning committee will look at all of these issues and hold community meetings for dialogue and feedback.

Look for further updates in the fall.

Grace McGreggor

Director for Christina Lake

Regional District of Kootenay Boundary