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Letter to the Editor: Determine your own wold view

Please determine what your world view really is and then vote according to both your head and your heart.

World views are foundational to how we make decisions, for they determine how we formulate our beliefs, and hence our behaviour.

This can be directly applied to how we view our local “water meter initiative”–see the pair of letters to the editor in the Sept. 24 edition of the Gazette (page A5).

People with two conflicting world views can examine the very same evidence and reach two very different conclusions. The classic example of this is in determining our origin—evolutionists and creationists view identical evidence (i.e. the geologic column of fossils) and yet interpret it completely differently, one believing in uniformitarian processes lasting billions of years, and the other believing in the catastrophism of a global flood several thousand years ago.

So it is with our own flood of emotions over the water meter issue, with time indeed being the determining factor as to how all of this plays out in people’s lives.

Scientists are unable to verify that WiFi-based devices are truly safe. Yet thousands of peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that RF (radio frequency) radiation has an adverse impact upon people. Symptoms range from brain cancer, to infertility in youth, to impaired fetal development, to heart issues in those who have pacemakers, to dramatic increases in autism spectrum disorders, just to name a few.

History repeats itself when we fail learn from it. It has taken us 40+ years to stem the tobacco epidemic, and now we are about to find ourselves subjected to the electronic version of chain-smoking with the cumulative effects of smart water meter emissions (every 14 seconds day and night) being the culprit.

In 10 to 20 years the benefit of hindsight will reveal the truth about WiFi. In the meantime let’s exercise wisdom in choosing our mayor and councillors on election day—Nov. 15.

Being a “friendly, hospitable, and mannerly community” does not mean having to “embrace the water meter initiative” if it means taking it up the proverbial tailpipe.

Please determine what your world view really is and then vote according to both your head and your heart.

Tom Tripp, Grand Forks