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LETTER: The value of food co-ops II

It was of little surprise that a letter speaking out against food co-ops came from Alberta, the centre of radical conservatism.


Re: Co-ops vs. corporate (letter, March 28 issue of The Gazette)

It was of little surprise to me this letter was from an Albertan. Alberta is the centre of radical conservatism and corporate greed.

The mega oil companies are raking in billions of dollars with little regard for the environment or future generations with the blessing of the Conservative governments, both federally and provincially.

Co-operative enterprises have been building local economies and improving lives and livelihoods for hundreds of years.

This, the International Year of Co-operatives, honours the value of working together to meet our economic, social and cultural needs.. Whether retail, agricultural or financial, co-ops build communities, empower people and strengthen local economies.

Co-ops put people before profits, invest in our community, support local farming and contribute towards a strong and steady economy.

There will always be a place for mega super stores with profits flowing out of the valley but I argue that buying locally and keeping profits in Grand Forks is a wiser choice.

David Janzen, Grand Forks