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Letter: The sound of dirt biker Harp


Re: Doubting dirt bikers (Feb. 2 issue of the Grand Forks


Verbal dirt biking dude? Really? Well just so you know, Larry, my name is Cody Harp and yes I understand that some of the dirt bikers on that trail do misuse it and do not care about people.

I don’t care what any sign or any person says; I will continue to ride those trails.

If you want a picture of my dad and me, I’ll get one taken or even a video.

Just give me your email address and as soon as that snow is gone I’ll send it to you.

Yeah sure, we can go rebuild the trails we use, but people who I will not name continue to destroy them. We spend our time and a little of our money to improve them just to have angry people destroy them. So maybe instead of wasting $50,000 on putting signs and garbage cans on the trails, they can build us our own trails or improve ones we use.

Another idea is if you’re going to put signs up, maybe put some signs on the Trans Canada to watch out for dirt bikers. Also to get to the dirt bike track , Larry, we have to use the Trans Canada Trail unless you want to buy a truck we can use.

For example, the trail we used before by Eagle Ridge, that was safe, was blocked by some ignorant person, so we had to use the new one.

So either build us some trails, put up signs to watch out for us, or figure something out, Larry, because otherwise you’ll see me on those trails this summer.

Cody Harp, Grand Fork