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LETTER: Team work works

Being a team player is vital to being in an effective group!


Re: What to be wary of during election time (Nov. 2 issue of the Grand Forks Gazette)

Being a team player is vital to being in an effective group! Yes each person should work independently and have their own ideas but they must all be working to the same goal and be able to interact with each other.

I have worked in many groups and know first hand if you can’t be in the same room with each other you have a problem, that’s my definition of a team player.

I guess you could phrase it more like a Kindergarten report card that says, “Works well with others” but “team player” reads better.

It is also important that a politician does express interest in listening to the people.  I do not think it is possible to please everyone but it is very important that they do want to listen and work with the people – that is democracy after all!

As for the downtown area, there are plenty of things that the city can do from signs on the highway, to seeing how they can make overhead more affordable, to looking at different heritage grants and sprucing up the city and that’s just the start!

Remember to vote on Nov. 19!

Mark LeSargent, Grand Forks