LETTER: Sustainability plan a hustle?

I’m very concerned with the article in the City Hall Times entitled “Grand Forks Sustainable Plan.”


I’m very concerned with the article in the City Hall Times entitled “Grand Forks Sustainable Plan.”

It looks to me like someone is pulling the wool over a lot of other peoples’ eyes! For example, it says “in 2008, a survey was conducted with an excellent return: of 185 survey questionnaires.”

If we use a valley population number of 5,000, that “excellent return” represents 3.7 per cent. Some excellence!

“Sustainable” can mean many things. I wouldn’t be so concerned about this obvious con job if I weren’t aware of the fact that small local “sustainable development processes” are happening all over North America at the same time.  Non-elected groups of control freaks have been, they think spontaneously, organizing under the tutelage of “consulting firms,” to come up with a so-called “consensus” of organizational changes.

In true point of fact, this is centrally motivated by that worst of Trojan Horses, the United Nations.

“Sustainable Development” is a major component of their “Agenda 21,” first formulated for the so-called Earth Summit of 1991.

It represents the camel’s nose under the tent for a Draconian dog’s breakfast of regulations to follow, designed to relinquish the people’s personal control of every aspect of our lives from energy use to land use and building codes, farming practices (or not), sale of food and vitamin supplements, a little research on Agenda 21 will curl the hair of anyone intelligent enough to look it up.

I submit that it behooves us all to object strenuously to city hall’s adoption of any part of this agenda. It’s now at the first and second reading stage as a city bylaw – done almost in secret, unless I just haven’t been reading the papers or listening to anyone, and now goes to public hearing at city hall on Monday Aug 15 at 6 p.m.  If you don’t go and object, you’ll someday wish you did!

Pete Snidal, Grand Forks