Letter: Speaking of jobs not well done

I have two gripes, says Grand Forks resident Richard Jones.

#1. Everyone in this city who lives in a mobile home or modular home is being held hostage by the city and Neptune. Neptune goes under our units, puts in the water meters without insulating the new parts that they install. We have to sign a paper that says we homeowners are responsible if it freezes. Neptune says the city doesn’t pay them to insulate their work.

It takes only five or six minutes longer and about a tooney’s worth of insulation to do the job right. A lot of the homeowners in our park are not capable of going under their homes to freeze-proof the water meters.

I’ve also noticed that Neptune does not check for leaks when they are finished. They just come out from the crawl space, turn the water back on and leave. Some may call this professionalism, but I sure don’t.

#2. Speaking of jobs not well done, I remember reading in the paper that the city was going to do something for the cyclists when they repaved 68th Ave. They had the machinery, the men, and the material to go ahead with continuing the bike lane from the black bridge to 19th St.

Everything was ready to go: the lanes were cleaned up and dug down over to the sidewalks. Then it was cancelled.


The city built bike lanes a few years ago from the bridge to about Eighth St. From 19th St. on west to Spraggett Road, there are bike lanes. Why does the city think painting bike images on a narrow street makes it safe for cyclists? There is about two feet or less between a bike and a vehicle. How dumb does the city think we are?

Richard Jones, Grand Forks