LETTER: Rest stop a waste


Re: Damage to the Wilgress Lake rest stop facilities over $3,000 (May 18 issue of the Grand Forks Gazette)

Hire a bulldozer, dig a hole and push the rest stop into the hole and bury it.

Regarding the vandalizing of the Wilgress Lake rest stop, this was a waste of tax dollars when it was first conceived at $250,000 and who knows how much has been wasted since.

Why do we need a rest stop 10 minutes out of Grand Forks or 10 minutes out of Greenwood? There are a lot of good spots in both communities for weary travellers to pull over, rest and find a washroom if necessary.

The access off and on the highway at Wilgress is dangerous especially for slow moving RVs. An outdoor biffy should serve the needs of fishermen at the lake.  Let’s be a little smarter in the use of scarce resources.

Ray Hanson, Grand Forks