Letter: Proper dimensions for City Park field



As a retiree, ex-teacher and former rugby player, it is apparent that those who propose a rugby field in City Park have not done their research. A proper pitch would be 144 x 69 metres (450 x 225 feet) including the end zones.

This measurement does NOT include the sidelines, which, even at an amateur level, have to be at least an extra 20 metres (60 feet) total.

Thus, there is not enough room at City Park. Let the last fiasco there remain the beach volleyball court.

The only realistic, practical place for a pitch is at the north end of the GFSS field. By establishing a proper rugby field there, it would also allow use of this pitch for soccer and minor football.

Furthermore, the perimeter of this pitch should be a sports track, to encourage local athletes, who are now denied this opportunity after the seventh grade – unfortunately, unique to this school district.


R Haagen, Grand Forks