LETTER: No more raises for government employees

With regards to government employees on strike for higher wages, the money isn't coming from the government or union's pockets.


With regards to the government employees on strike, or planning to strike for higher wages and more benefits plus more and more of everything imaginable, I would just like to remind them that this money does not come out of the government nor out of the union’s pockets.

Rather, it comes out of the public’s pockets whether we use the services or not. In many cases, we will have to mortgage our homes to pay for our taxes that pay your wages.

No other industry can operate in this manner and Pope & Talbot is a good example of the injustice of our tax system where hundreds, if not thousands, lost their jobs and the government lost all the tax they collected from their employees. Where did all this tax money go?

Once we have lost our homes and live on the street, you can all look at your paycheque and see what you have accomplished.

Vern Rexin, Rock Creek