LETTER: No border closure

Just when the path to success for Midway was looking certain, a new hurdle has been put in the way – a potential border closure.


The Midway Mill is open; 50 jobs have been created at the mill and another 50 indirect jobs outside the mill.  Daily production numbers are increasing and a second shift has already been considered for next spring, if strong demand continues.

Midway is a shining example of what a small community can do to change its economic direction.

Just when the path to success was looking certain, a new hurdle has been put in the way of this small interior B.C. community – the potential border closure at Midway.

Our riding has the highest unemployment in the province.

Our young people continue to leave our riding for a better economic future elsewhere.

Our infrastructure of road, sewer and water lag the rest of Canada. Local stores are boarded up in many of our small communities.

Our schools, health centers, post offices and now border crossings continue to close. Why?  The reason is simple – leadership!

If you think its time for a positive change, you should ask your MP to do the right thing and take positive action on the potential border closing at Midway, B.C.

If we don’t stop this closure what service will our riding lose next?

No community is immune and we all need to rally behind Midway.

Stephen Hill, Rossland