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Letter: NDP MP response


Re: NDP MP critique (Jan. 19 issue of the Grand Forks


I would like to thank Mr. Wait of Grand Forks for pointing out an error in a mail-out I sent to constituents which criticized the Harper government for only raising the Old Age Security (OAS) payments by a measly $1.50 a year.

After verifying the numbers on the government’s website, I would like to make the following clarification – On July 1, 2010 (following a two year freeze at $516.96/month) a government news release announced an OAS basic rate increase to $518.51/month, a difference of $1.55 per month.

I would like to assure your readers that this was a clerical error made by our Party Communications, which has since been corrected, and was in no way intended to mislead my constituents.

Alex Atamanenko, MP

BC Southern Interior