LETTER: Interior Health on care beds


In light of recent concern about future and temporary residential care beds in Grand Forks, I’m writing to ensure the community has current and accurate information.

Interior Health (IH) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in December 2010 to create 40 new permanent Grand Forks residential care beds in the next 18 months.

We received four submissions, including one from Broadacres Care Centre.

We evaluated all submissions on the same, established set of criteria and standards. Based on this evaluation, a decision was made to offer a contract to Golden Life Management.

I’d like to reiterate IH’s decision was based on careful evaluation and, in this case, Broadacres was not able to meet the range of services or quality supports required for complex residential care clients. Proponents who were not successful in the RFP process, including Broadacres, were provided information about this decision and an opportunity for a detailed debrief.

IH is well aware of the need for temporary beds to meet immediate needs in the community. We will be making minor renovations to some rooms at Boundary Hospital so they are comfortable and appropriate for nine residential care beds. These rooms will be adjacent to Hardy View Lodge, giving residents access to the Hardy View common space, recreational and therapeutic services.

Residents will have their own dining room and kitchen. All services will be provided by additional qualified staff with residential experience.

I would also stress that the addition of these beds will not impact acute services available at Boundary Hospital.

We did give consideration to Broadacres for the temporary beds, and information was shared between both parties. However, this was not a guarantee of a future contract with Interior Health, and, as with its permanent RFP proposal, Broadacres was not able to provide the full range of services for our residential care clients.

IH shares the same goal as the community, which is to have quality residential care services for seniors as close to home as possible.

We hope the community will support us in the significant investment IH is making in seniors’ care for Grand Forks.

Cindy Kozak-Campbell, Residential Health Services Administrator, IH East