LETTER: Habitat needs our help

Reader Ray Hanson argues that Habitat for Humanity needs community help to start a new chapter.

Editor, the Gazette

A stable home is recognized as have a very positive influence on families and especially children. The stability helps them improve their quality of life and their learning. These facts have proved out time and time again as Habitat For Humanity has made it possible for more low income families to move into first time home ownership. Grand Forks and the Boundary have had two decades of home building success in this area. The opportunity for continued success is even greater with the help of a few new participants in the organization locally. A new Chapter needs to be established here in Grand Forks to get on with plans to build more housing. If you like helping people in this way and have a few hours a month to donate to a worthwhile local cause with national and international recognition, then joining a Grand Forks Chapter of Habitat for Humanity could be for you. A chapter organizational meeting will be held in the near future and advertised in this paper. If you would like to know more contact Bob Huff at 778-632-0006.

Ray Hanson

Grand Forks