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LETTER: Graveyard grievances I

As a seasonal resident of Christina Lake, I continue to be disappointed by the proposal of tax increases by special interest groups.


As a seasonal resident and taxpayer for Christina Lake for almost 30 years, I continue to be disappointed by the proposal of tax increases by special interest groups.  There are many services Christina Lake needs, sewer systems, streetlights, road improvements, etc.

I understand that because we’re unincorporated, many of these services may not be available.

My family, like many others, chose this community as a seasonal residence to hopefully retire at.  Many others and myself have changed our minds on future plans and are moving away because of lack of these essential services.

Instead, we find ourselves seeing proposed non-essential services, such as a multi-million dollar art centre – which I understand was originally federally funded – which most residents consider a complete waste of money.  And now this proposal to re-activate a cemetery (while few people are likely to use the facility) going forward.

Christina Lake is a seasonal community and the majority of our population come from and/or live in a different community and do not need this cemetery, as they will choose their burial location elsewhere.

This proposal, in my opinion, is self-serving on someone’s part and definitely will not be of benefit to most or any of the people of Christina Lake.

What bothers me more is this proposal comes to our doors in the mail within days of the voting date and at a time when the seasonal taxpayers are gone and with no open forum or discussion for the opinions of Christina Lake residents.

I hope in the future, the people in position to propose to improve Christina Lake’s viability concentrate their efforts on the good of all tax paying residents.

Ken Schroeder, Christina Lake