LETTER: Demanding an explanation

Reader Dave Milton writes that city residents deserve an explanation of what Chris Hammett meant in her councillor's report.

Editor, the Gazette

Open Letter to Frank Konrad, Worshipful Mayor of the Corporation of the City of Grand Forks.

I was incensed to learn, in an article about a report from Councillor Chris Hammett, (published in the Gazette on March 15), thata culture of “bullying, harassment and abuse” prevails in the work milieu at City Hall. An explanation is demanded.

Citizens are footing a very large portion of the costs to live here and we need to know whom to trust when the next election rollsaround. The way to inform us, of course, is for you to directly address the citizenry perhaps in these pages to explain howand why the previously generally smooth operation of city affairs has become a nest of bullying and abuse.

The fact that we have lost, according to Councillor Hammett’s report, five senior managers, with another on stress leave, andlost our CAO (for whom I have the highest professional regard), is reason enough to demand a timely accounting.

I thank Councillor Hammett for her honesty and diligence in writing what is, obviously, a damning report.

Dave Milton

Grand Forks