LETTER: Cummins and B.C. party not true Tories

It's shameful that John Cummins and the B.C. Conservatives are trying to convince people they are the same as Harper and the federal gov't.


It’s truly shameful that John Cummins and his B.C. Conservative party are trying to fool the public into believing they are the same party as Stephen Harper’s Federal Conservatives. They are not! In fact, their leader, John Cummins, voted NDP in the last provincial election.

Chuck Strahl, Stockwell Day, Preston Manning and other true conservatives have made it clear that they do not support Mr. Cummins or his divisive provincial party in any way.

True conservatives like Strahl and Day understand the importance of maintaining a strong pro-business, fiscally conservative, pro-jobs political coalition here in B.C., one that will keep the province’s middle class healthy and strong.

So please don’t be fooled by a name. Voting B.C. Conservative is not the same as voting for Stephen Harper’s federal Conservatives. Voting for the B.C. Conservatives is basically the same as voting NDP.

The only genuinely conservative, free enterprise vote in B.C. is a vote for the free enterprise B.C. Liberal coalition we already have.

Massimo Mandarino, Vancouver, B.C.