Letter: Corporate tax breaks


An interview on CBC Radio (Kelowna) involving a proponent of the newest tax grab by the B.C. Liberal government and the host of the radio morning show was predictably non-informing.

The host asked many pertinent questions and received the usual evasive answers that are expected from someone defending a myth with nonsense. MY reaction to the HST debate


Some of us remember when the GST tax was taken from the manufacturing industry and expanded to include much more and foisted on the consumer.

The PST was put on our shoulders (down around the pocket book) while at the same time more tax breaks were given to corporations and the wealthy.

Now the B.C. government wants to amalgamate these taxes and expand them so that we pay 12 per cent tax on all goods and services while giving more tax breaks to the corporate world.

We can expect another eight months of government spin doctoring before the referendum but the bottom line is, “The HST is just another manipulation to put even more of the tax load on us while reducing corporate taxes even more.”

The corporate share of the tax burden has shrunk from about 40 per cent to 14 per cent in the last few decades and we have to make up the difference.

The only way we should accept the HST is if every tax break and loophole given to the wealthy and corporations in the last 30 years are rescinded. Thank you.

Jack Blower, Grand Forks